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To encourage you to have a go

You're welcome to contact me with questions/images


From T:-

Just wanna say Thank you for all the information about making prosphora. This is the final result following your advices and they turn out sooo good. Thanks God!Thank you one more time it was a life saver - following the recipe was the only way to make decent prosphora. Now I'm making prosphora for one monastery here in Bulgaria - they liked very much the way prosphora turned out.

And again Thank God for everything.


Don't Give Up... from Austin Texas

Dear Brother in Christ!

I would like to thank you for the and the information you shared there!

I started baking prosphoras around 2017, used various mostly Russian resources, and at that time your site was not published yet.

Then following the motion that yeast is not always healthy addition, I switched to the sourdough with non-yeast leaven and bought the nice wooden seal from Greece. And this is when the challenges started: I was not able to consistently produce an acceptable Holy Bread due to a cracked seal and other issues to the point I ran out of steam and stopped. Liturgy before Pascha of 2022 was the last one I baked ... (not sure why your site did not come to my radar at that time).

More then a year forward,  missing this important stewardship for me, I decided to restart. I found your site, followed the recipe with precision, used your troubleshooting page to study and make correction, practiced a lot, and now I got my fourth loaf on a row looking good, with clear seal and without cracks! (there is of course a lot of room for improvement). This week I am looking forward to getting basil from our priest this Thursday!

testimonial prosphora.png


I am writing to you from  New York to thank you for your efforts in writing, producing, editing, and maintaining and all of its content. I recently came across your site and decided to give it a try. After a couple of experimental runs, I reached success on my third attempt! I presented my prosphoro to our local church for use in the Eucharist and my parish priest was very pleased, even inquiring as to where I learned to make such a beautiful prosphoro. Your instructions and guidance were invaluable. Without God's grace and I would have never been able to pursue this holy endeavor. May God bless you and your family. Wishing you a very happy and blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas! Your work has touched many lives.



With God’s grace, I have continued to make prosphora ever since! I’ve attached some photos as you requested. It truly is an edifying and humbling experience every time I make one. I thank our Lord for people like you who share their talents and make the time to inspire and teach others. Wishing you a blessed Lent.
In Christ, D  


d's prosphro 2.jpg
D's prosphora.jpg

After some email advice about flour...

May God bless you.

I'm so thankful for your email reply.

I have been trying to perfect the yeast prosforo and I'm experimenting with different flours .

Originally I used an excellent bread flour and I never thought to use another. But since your recommendation - I've tried a few different plain flour with less protein. And WOW!!! What a difference! It used to take me 30 minutes to combine all the ingredients - now just 5 minutes! (I'm 34 years old with arthritis and other pains and your advice to change the flour has been the biggest blessing) I cannot thank you enough. 

Our Priest really liked the prosforo I made with eikorn flour (although that's another challenge because that dough ended up being on the stickier side even though the ratios were the same - 50% hydration. It also cooked faster.)

I attached two pictures (the darker is the eikorn flour). I forgot to take pictures after they are baked but they look beautiful thanks to your help - not a single crack! (The eikorn stamp wasn't perfect of course because of it sticking).

Anyways I just wanted to say thank you.

God Bless you always,


yiotas prosphoro_edited.jpg
yiotas 2_edited.jpg
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