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Does your flour have what it takes?

A brief blog outlining how to test if your flour is a good one for baking prosphoro.

You will find general information on ingredients and flour on the website here

Flours with a higher protein content create a stronger more robust protein matrix. They do this better than lower protein flours. This means that doughs made from different flours have different qualities - one of which is shown in the video. A strong protein matrix is very important for all aspects of the preparation, kneading, shaping, stamping and maturation/rising of our prosphora.

In my limited 'bread-for-the-home' baking experience, I have found this flour to be the best.

In the video, you will see the difference between these three flours.

  1. RIGHT:- A "00" Farina "soft" white wheat flour. Protein reportedly 11.5%. Perfect for cakes and biscuits and focaccias.

  2. MIDDLE:- an organic "plain wheat flour" It's protein is 9.5%. A good flour for general baking purposes.

  3. LEFT:- Demeter mills "Premium Organic Baker's Flour". My choice for prosphoro. Protein 13.1%. The most reliable and best priced source for me has been Honest to Goodness

I struggled for many weeks trying to make decent prosphora with the wrong flour. It's not that different flours are not good - they're just not the most ideal for making prosphora. generally, the higher the protein content the better.

Try to source organic flours since you don't want your flour to have been subjected to various chemical and bleaching processes. These make life difficult for the wild microbes that leaven your starter and dough.

When you've found the right flour make sure you can continue to obtain the same flour. Stick with it. Your starter doesn't like sudden changes in it's food source. Because the flour you use, is one of the most important variables, keep it a constant. That way you can work more confidently and reliably towards even better results.

May God bless your prosphora baking efforts.

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